Another successful annual NICEIC inspection!

Congratulations and thanks to all of our team for their continued dedication to achieving high standards of work resulting in another successful inspection.

In the inspectors own words following his inspection on 16th Feb 2018:

“Neat installation work observed” , “good standard of work and certification seen on visit” , “well compiled report with clearly defined extents and limitations” , “good general technical discussion held”

An NICEIC annual inspection is very thorough and examines a wide range of aspects including; site-based assessments, inspection, testing & certification systems and standards, test instruments, health and safety including risk assessments, technical reference documents, qualifications, insurances, the list goes on and there is no wriggle room!
That is why it is always hugely pleasing to have a successful outcome with no further evidence of compliance needed.

NICEIC Certificate of Recognition (1)

It is actually now 18 years – and counting…!

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