Another successful annual NICEIC inspection!

Congratulations and thanks to all of our team for their continued dedication to achieving high standards of work resulting in another successful inspection.

In the inspectors own words following his inspection on 16th Feb 2018:

“Neat installation work observed” , “good standard of work and certification seen on visit” , “well compiled report with clearly defined extents and limitations” , “good general technical discussion held”

An NICEIC annual inspection is very thorough and examines a wide range of aspects including; site-based assessments, inspection, testing & certification systems and standards, test instruments, health and safety including risk assessments, technical reference documents, qualifications, insurances, the list goes on and there is no wriggle room!
That is why it is always hugely pleasing to have a successful outcome with no further evidence of compliance needed.

NICEIC Certificate of Recognition (1)

It is actually now 18 years – and counting…!

Cramlington Town Survey

Great news if you live in, work in or visit Cramlington.
Here is your opportunity to give your views and to be entered into a prize draw for your efforts!
As ever, the more people who fill in surveys like this, the better for those collating the responses to draw the common as well as possibly unknown opinions and ideas to inform future planning for the area.

Health & Safety Training

Demonstrating our commitment to the health & safety of our staff, clients and the general public, our full team completed Core Health & Safety Training today which included: Working at Height, Manual Handling and Asbestos Awareness.Health & Safety TrainingHealth & Safety Training

Fire Safety

Did you know…..

  • there were 39,600 dwelling fires in Great Britain in 2013-14, 5% fewer than in 2012-13. Better but still room for improvement!
  • Smokers’ materials cause the largest share of deaths in accidental dwelling fires (37%), while cooking appliances are the source of ignition in more than half.

Over the next week we are posting a variety of information relating to Fire Safety on our Facebook & Twitter feeds. ‘Like’ and ‘follow’ us for further details or if you prefer to be more traditional give us a call. We can have an electrician assess your property for a free, no obligation quotation for the alarms relevant to your needs.

Aico Trained Installer

As a member of the Aico Fire Products Trained Installer Scheme we are trained to advise on the products you require to protect your property based on BS 5839-6:2013.
Be it a bungalow or a 3-storey HMO we can advise on what to fit e.g. smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon-monoxide detection devices and also where they need to be positioned for optimum protection.
If you would like further information please contact us.
AICO Certificate

Switch on to Safety. Article by Julia Gray, The Chronicle, Nov 23, 2013

Most electrics in a home are hidden away, which means you could you be taking a risk with wiring that’s past its use-by date. Julia Gray investigates

UNLESS a property is new, or you have it newly rewired yourself, it is hard to know how old the wiring is and, crucially, if it is safe. There are tell-tale signs of old electrical work, such as surface-mounted cables, old-fashioned light switches, flexes and ceiling roses, and fuse boxes that use fuse wire, rather than pop-out fuses.

However, fuse boxes are sometimes replaced without the rest of the wiring being updated, and many with pop-out fuses don’t comply with current regulations.

The only way to know for sure is for a qualified electrician to check the electrics. This should be done every ten years anyway, even if you think everything is fine, and whenever you buy a property, as if you do need to rewire, it can cost thousands of pounds. Read more on “Switch on to Safety. Article by Julia Gray, The Chronicle, Nov 23, 2013″ »