Fuseboards Explained

Your fuseboard / fusebox – also known as a consumer unit – should be easy to find. You should be sure you know where it is in case you ever need to turn the electricity off in an emergency. It usually contains three things, and they are used to control and distribute electricity around your home…. Read more »

Winter Preparations

As the temperatures fall and the dark nights start to draw in, now is a good time to carry out some preparations for winter: External lighting Carry out an inspection to make sure all of the lights are functioning properly.  - Good illumination will reduce the chance of accidents on icy walkways and car parks. Consider a time… Read more »

Looking for an Electrician?

Please can we advise you to search the Electrical Safety Register   The Electrical Safety Register is a joint venture between the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) and Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) that features both domestic and commercial contractors registered under the NICEIC, ELECSA and ECA certification schemes. Over 33,000 contractors are registered with these schemes,… Read more »

Family Friendly Fun

Have you got ‘Switched On Kids’? Have a look at the Electrical Safety Councils Switched On Kids or alternatively, Two thirty Volts for Teens, to find a great range of age-appropriate facts, advice, learning resources and revision notes. There are even free to download Teachers’ lesson plans and worksheets suitable for Key Stage 3 students!  

Getting Through the Jargon

If you are needing to have electrical work carried out either in your home or your business and want to know more about the jargon & technical terms the NICEIC and The Electrical Safety Council both have extensive jargon busters on their websites. You can easily access both Jargon Busters and lots of other useful information and fact sheets via the Links page on… Read more »

Product Recalls – Checking your electrical products

The product checker provided by The Electrical Safety Council at www.esc.org.uk/recall contains the details of electrical products that have been recalled since 2007. Ther are hundreds of pages of products that have been recalled but it is an advanced search tool, easy to use and well worth a visit. The ESC state that if you search… Read more »

Thinking of… Buying? Selling? Renovating?

THINK ELECTRICS! Contact us for a free DVD of Advice from The Electrical Safety Council which highlights all the things in your home you should look out for and if necessary have checked by an Approved Electrician. A good time to consider having this done is before buying, selling or redecorating your property. It is… Read more »

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